McCabe’s Firing is Flushing Out All the Rats to His Defense

Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe listens on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, May 11, 2017, while testifying before a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on major threats facing the U.S. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Liberals and fmr Obama regime loyalists have lost their minds since Andrew McCabe was officially fired late Friday night. To set the record straight, McCabe’s firing was not by Donald Trump, he had nothing to do with Andy getting canned! McCabe was fired by the DOJ based on the information provided by the Inspector General and a result of review by the FBI’s ethics department, The Office of Professional Responsibility.

Rewind 2 mos ago, FBI Dir Wray viewed the FISA memo, before it was released, and within 24 hours he suspended McCabe. He was put on what is called a terminal leave, where all the sick, vacation and other paid time off accrued, but not used, was used up until now when McCabe expected to retire but instead was fired. There is far more information Wray, Sessions and others have access to vs obama’s loyalists who are all throwing a tantrum.

… there is an IG report

From a “journalist”

Plenty more but you get the idea. There is no war on the FBI by POTUS, if anything the upper echelon of the FBI/ DOJ are at war with Trump!

All parties whining are ignoring the fact McCabe has been caught in lies and broke the rules. His firing is flushing out all the rats (high and low level) that are engaged with the soft coup against President Trump. Does McCabe deserve to lose his pension after giving 20 years to the Bureau? YES! While we thank him for his service over 2 decades he.. HE CHOSE to throw it all away by being a partisan political activist, all because Hillary Clinton was the absolute worst candidate to run for POTUS who lost and lost miserably.

All these people need to get over themselves, and realize they’ve exposed themselves. There should be no doubt over how they all one way or another have played a role in the hopes to swing a presidential election, and then undermine.. frame with the intent to remove Donald Trump from office. This is what a silent coup looks like America, NO ONE cares what party they’re from or what branch they’ve served in. These people are your enemies. They think you’re stupid and don’t know whats best for yourselves. They refuse to accept the American people chose an outsider over an establishment candidate to run this country. This coup will never stop until every single RAT is outed, thrown out of office and hopefully a few in jail!