Parkland Student Reveals True Intentions of March For Our Lives Movement 📺

Today was one of those days those who are well-informed on gun rights, weapons and the details of the Parkland shooting most likely experienced a spike in their blood pressure. For hours the media covered the rally while anti-gun activists pushed nonsense on social media. Frankly, today had to be one of the worst days I’ve ever seen with so many lies and misinformation being spewed.

The day was filled with endless finger-pointing at the NRA, gun rights activists, the GOP and Pres Trump. Lie after lie was told about weapons and the Second Amendment. Uninformed children and adults were practically regurgitating the same lies, ex “people don’t need machine guns”, “they didn’t have these weapons in the 18th century” etc.

Not one member of the NRA has committed a school/ mass shooting. Gun Rights activists are the most peaceful, law-abiding Americans you will ever come by. The GOP, not all, are sticking to the rule of law, vs passing legislation over how one feels. Pres Trump has nothing to do with any of this, he doesn’t have a magic pen like obama had, which was illegal, to make law on his own. People can’t buy machine guns, they have been banned for decades. Semi-automatic weapons have been around since BEFORE the Constitution was written.

I’m not going to waste time in post after post shooting down the BS that was spewed today. Instead I’m going to share the real purpose for the rally, courtesy of Parkland student, useful idiot, Delaney Tarr who said the following:

She’s right you know! Once you give this unruly, uneducated mob one thing on their list you open the door for them to get everything else they want. Politicians who bend to their demands are weak and should be removed from office. The Left has gotten EVERYTHING they have wanted on gun control. They wanted background checks they got them. They wanted gun free zones, they got them. They want waiting times after a purchase, they got. They’ve been given enough, there are thousands of gun laws and regs on the books but criminals and evil doers continue to kill, because they do not follow laws. The only solution the Left will agree on is a gun ban. Delaney said it, they’ll go for “assault weapons” ban. It won’t stop there, because the killing will continue and then they’ll call for more gun bans!

As for the bumpstock ban, it isn’t limited to just that device, the language being proposed includes “other devices” that can alter the rate of fire. Delaney and her ilk could very well get what they want, because GOP, DOJ are afraid of losing their power and control while selling out Americans inherent rights to defends themselves.

These kids and their gun grabbing handlers are asking for a real fight.