The Left is Colluding With Tech Companies to Suppress Conservatives & Gun Rights 📺

It’s not conspiracy theory anymore, what many have been experiencing the last couple of years is now surfacing on a wide scale over the censorship and suppression of those who are conservative and pro-gun. Unfortunately Leftists control the top social media and tech companies who have taken it upon themselves to no longer do business or provide a platform for conservatives they disagree with, gun related businesses and individuals. These companies think cutting off those with differing opinions and the gun industry will put an end to political dissent, gun violence and mass killings. The Left does not want their opposition to have a voice thinking people will just give up, move along and eventually conform to their ideology. With respect to gun violence and mass shootings, both have existed the internet. Frankly, mass shootings have been going on since the 18th century!

If YouTube, Facebook, Citibank et al continue on this course what will they ban next? People never think about the slippery slope, today it conservatives tomorrow will it be independents and then people with no party affiliation? When it comes to violence today is guns will knives, tools (because they can be used to make weapons, chemistry 101 (video to make bombs exist) be next? What about self-defense? People have been killed by another with their bare hands, will these tech giants ban self-defense videos and content. Will Citi and whomever follows their lead refuse to allow transactions with self-defense courses?? Don’t say it can’t happen because 2-3 years ago, hell a year ago the restrictions and outright boycotts we’re witnessing today we talked down and trivialized.

These companies are out of control thinking they can dictate public policy. We have an inalienable, inherent right to self-defense and expression. If these companies are going to suppress political dissent, gun related content or business then they must do it for others listed above, otherwise they are hypocrites; not that they care.

The best we can hope from the newest purge against our civil rights is someone or a group gets together to start a new platform to compete directly with these companies that offers a true space for free speech and commerce. In the short-term they can all expect a boycott of some sort coming their way as Delta, Dick’s Sporting Goods and a few others are experiencing.