Parkland’s David Hogg Gives Profanity Laced Interview Attacking NRA 📺

The Left’s chosen one, an uneducated, uninformed tool really, to advance gun control, Parkland Student David Hogg, gave a profanity laced interview attacking the NRA. Not one word came out of his mouth about the epic failures committed by the Broward Sheriff’s Dept and FBI over the Parkland school shooting which could have been stopped. Instead this child, this victim being used by the Left claimed “They [NRA] could have blood from children splattered all over their faces and they wouldn’t take action, because they all still see these dollar signs.”

“I think what sick f*ckers are out there that want to continue to sell more guns, murder more children and honestly just get reelected. What type of person are you when you want to see more f*cking money than children’s lives? What type of shitty person does that?”

The NRA doesn’t make money from gun sales. Many gun owners responsible for record gun sales since 2009 are not members. So that alone proves there is no collusion between manufacturers and the civil rights organization. Facts of course do not matter to this victimized child who sounds more and more like his propagandist handlers who run the organizations seeking to take gun rights away from law-abiding Americans who are on Soros and Bloomberg’s payroll.

Have you noticed this little kid is only appearing on Leftist controlled media? He knows he will get destroyed if he was to go up against any given conservative radio or tv host. Maybe a conservative journalist should pay him a visit!?

h/t DailyWire