House Passes $1.3 TRILLION Spending Bill.. WHO.WROTE.THE.BILL? 📺

In a vote of 256-167 the House passed $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill that now goes to the Senate and if passed to Pres Trump to be signed. The 2232 page bill released LATE March 21st was voted on by the same people who campaigned they would not vote on bills they didn’t read, let alone wasteful spending! Keep in mind it would take 72 hours for the average adult to read it nonstop; no breaks to eat, stretch whatever.

When you have Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi praising a massive piece of legislation that spends money we don’t have, which looks like something barack obama would have proposed funding sanctuary cities, Planned Parenthood, restricts the Second Amendment ((WTF?) apparently there is language that addresses NICS), we have serious problems. Oh there is a measly $1.5B for border security but thats not enough and yes there was funding for the military. But it’s more serious than just these dolts voting on something they admit they didn’t read.


Where did the bill come from? If you ever wanted proof of the existence of the Deep State here you go. So it’s no wonder Jim Jordan, John Kennedy and a handful of rebels are livid over it…

One thing is clear, the GOP is setting themselves up for a massive, epic defeat in the 2018 midterms. They were elected and given majority power to stop this BS, and have sold out the American voters.