Mark Levin: Republicans Are ‘Funding Every Left-Wing Program and Project Imaginable’ 🔊

Even though Donald Trump won the election, and the GOP hold majorities in the House and Senate, the US’s economic problems of out of control spending and national debt remain. obama and the democrat party…. progressives, doubled the debt while spending on unsustainable programs at the taxpayers expense, as if money came out of thin air. Progressives hiding among the GOP are carrying on their friends on the Left agenda.

Levin rightfully calls out the NeverTrumpers for being fake conservatives and RINO’s saying absolutely nothing about Mitch McConnell and the shameful Paul Ryan. Search this site you’ll find old posts about Ryan hammering away over the debt and out of control spending. Yet here he is as Speaker pushing a $1.3 TRILLION dollar spending bill that’s 2200 pages long you know no one has read, where many true conservatives, like Rep Jim Jordan, are adamantly against.

Now you’ll hear people whine or even threat about a govt shutdown if this current bill isn’t pushed through. Conservatives say go ahead shut the bitch down! Ya know nothing has changed, we’re still broke, the economy while it looks great still sucks. It’s a terminal patient who just got a massive dose of antibiotics or adrenaline, soon those drugs will wear off… the economic bubble will burst.

Meltdown the Capitols switchboard, @ (202) 224-3121, tell Congress NO more wasteful spending, NO MORE continuous resolution spending bills, NO more 1000-2000+ page bills no one reads. We need a balanced budget amendment, and massive govt spending cuts so instead of the plane ride we’re on slamming into the side of a mountain, we maybe skim over some trees and have a “soft crash” in the snow!