Watch Democrats and Media Spreading Lies About Guns

Democrats and the media, obviously, are deliberately spreading misinformation about guns with the hopes the American people will side with them and their lies to get gun control through.

“full semi-automatic” (this has to be best of all lies to date)
“massacre machine gun magazines”
“high-capacity rapid fire magazines”
“gas assisted receiver firearms”
“barrel shroud”
“legal to hunt humans”
“assault weapon”
“30 caliber clip.. 30 bullets in half a second”
“heat seeking” bullets

In their quest to sound technical and informed these people make complete fools of themselves that it’s no wonder they’re whining about being bullied and “gunsplaining“!

The Left went nuts if anything incorrect was said about obamacare, and are going nuts now if you don’t address transpeople correctly, or use the correct hyphenated race when addressing people of color. They want the Right to be accurate and correct when we speak on issues to be truthful and honest..

Uh huh..

Well then of course the same rule should apply to them as they rant uncontrollably, to more or less repeal the Second Amendment (even if they’re scared to admit it). Facts matter, and these gun grabbers have no clue what they’re talking about while they lie to the American people. Everything these idgits spew in this compilation just goes to show they have no business talking about guns, pushing gun control and frankly speaking on the Second Amendment. They know what they’re doing and know they’re causing an enormous amount of damage that takes time to undo. But this is what the Left does, they lie and we have to write a book explaining and debunking the lie.

Americans better stop listening to these fools who’ve never said a truthful thing in their life. Leftists are hell-bent at destroying a fundamental God-given/ Natural right. We lose 2A all the Amendments are gone.