Fmr US Atty Joe diGenova Lays Out Criminal Conspiracy Against Trump 📺

First things first, people need to see this opening statement laying out all that we know to date over the corruption taking place in our govt. For those who have been following along, everything Hannity has been laying out was a clear attempt to undermine Donald Trump at every opportunity possible (from candidate – Pres Elect – President) while those involved (Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Page, Strzok, Lynch) were helping.. protecting Hillary Clinton.

The bias is undeniable at this point, as all parties involved had much to gain had Hillary won the Presidency.

Now with everything you heard from Sean, here’s the legal angle simply summed up by former federal prosecutor/ US Atty Joe diGenova

What you just saw was diGenova laying out the criminal conspiracy.. the coup against Pres Trump by the violent, dangerous, unhinged, radical Leftists. People want to talk constitutional crisis because Trump wants to legally fire people, well all these conspirators, holding high level positions within the US govt, have in fact created constitutional crisis by violating their oaths, abusing their power and manipulating the system to frame Trump with the intentions of removing him from office (aka soft coup)!

Here’s the major problem preventing justice from being delivered to the coup conspirators:
Jeff Sessions is Atty General, he takes his orders from his Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, who is knee-deep in this, at the least because of his and Mueller’s involvement with Uranium One.

It was Rosenstein who convinced Sessions to recuse himself from just about everything, rendering himself completely ineffective and utterly useless. Has Trump known Sessions would recuse himself, he would have never appointed him AG. At this point it would take an act of God for Sessions to fire Rosenstein, appoint an unbiased Deputy AG and then resign so Pres Trump can appoint someone with a backbone to bring all these people to justice. And odds are Trump would have to time this perfectly to occur when Congress is in recess so he can make a recess appointment. Why? If it happened now, the democrats would hold up the confirmation of anyone appointed AG until Trump chooses someone they want!

The Left will never stop with these attacks and will do everything possible to cover-up their failed attempts to remove Trump but also his allies like Hannity. Americans better get out of this coma they’re in otherwise come this Fall, democrats will sweep the midterms, control Congress and take a wrecking balls to everything accomplished to date AFTER they impeach Trump!

[Make no mistake, we are in a defacto state of a WARM civil war. This country is so divided there doesn’t appear to be anyway to have people come together. Hollywood, media, progressives in DC are doing everything possible to pit American against American on just about every single issue.]