Desperate Democrat Party Files Lawsuit Against Trump Campaign, Russia and WikiLeaks 📺

The democrat party are in complete meltdown over the last 24hr news cycle. The first blow to their dreams of taking Pres Trump down came via Bloomberg where Asst Dept Atty Gen Rod Rosenstein told POTUS he is a target in the Mueller investigation. A few hours later fmr FBI Dir James Comey’s memos were released that do more damage to him and fired Dep Dir Andrew McCabe, while vindicating Trump, who has done nothing wrong!

The Russian collusion conspiracy has blown up in the democrat party’s face, so badly that now in an act of pure desperation they’ve filed a lawsuit against the Trump campaign, Russia and WikiLeaks. It’s safe to assume they’ve lost all confidence Mueller would be their savior to bring Trump down, so now they think a lawsuit will stop him from doing the job he was hired to do by the American people.

Democratic Party files suit alleging Russia, the Trump campaign, and WikiLeaks conspired to disrupt the 2016 election

To date the democrats and all their lackeys have yet to produce once shred of evidence against Donald Trump. In reality everything we’ve seen to date shows clear collusion (not a crime) with the production and payment of fake documents (fraud, which is a crime) between the dems, Clinton campaign and Russia to take Trump down! Wikileaks was the receiver of “stolen” / hacked emails who made them public simply exposing corruption within the DNC. It should be noted that to date the DNC has refused granting the FBI access to their servers to identify if they were in fact hacked!

The dems have absolutely nothing to stand on at this point. This lawsuit is just another opportunity to investigate something that never happened. Hillary is a lousy human being and political candidate. She couldn’t even win the DNC’s primaries against Bernie Sanders, where she had to rely on “super delegates” to hand her the nomination after voters chose the socialist!

There is nothing the dems can do to overturn the election, Donald Trump is President and will remain so until 2020, if not 2024! There will be no indictment and no impeachment because there was no crime committed. Any judge who entertains this suit will clearly be in their pocket as we’ve seen in countless examples. If anything let this all be a warning over how destructive, obstructive and dangerous the people of the democrat party are. If the last 24hr news cycle doesn’t motivate voters to come out in Nov to take more seats away from the democrats then what will!?