DiGenova Rips Comey: Memos Like ‘Nazi War Crime Memos,’ ‘Detailed Description How to Violate The Law’ 🔊

Fmr US Atty Joe diGenova weighed in on the ongoing brazen plot to exonerate Hillary Clinton and frame Pres Trump, following the newly released Comey memos, with WMAL’s “Mornings on the Mall”. He ripped the fmr FBI Dir’s state of mind being very disturbed and compared what Comey has done, by keeping “records” via the memos, to Nazi war criminals who documented everything they did:

“As I read them [memos], I thought of the Nazis who kept detailed records of the exterminations and then they were used in the war crimes against them. This is the same thing, these are the Nazi war crime memos done by an American government official. They are a detailed description of how to violate the law, subvert the Constitution and frame an incoming President of the United States. They are filled with arrogance, and I must say the writings of what I consider to be a very disturbed mind”

DiGenova wasn’t done there, he also ripped into”idiot” Nancy Pelosi and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein for illegally appointing Mueller since there was no crime committed to justify appointing a special counsel. He also called for AG Sessions to fire Rosenstein when this fiasco is over.

With that said, if Rosenstein is in fact fired, one can only hope Sessions will follow through on his threat to resign ,if not he too should be fired replaced with Rudy Giuliani, who has joined the Presidents legal team! Should that actually happen, you can be sure diGenova’s wishes to see all parties involved thrown in jail will have a high probability of happening!