Judge Pirro Eviscerates ‘Schizo’ Comey 📺

“Jim you are a liar and a leaker. You are pompous, egotistical, condescending, and you violate the laws that you’re sworn to uphold because you want to make news. Because you want to write a book. Because you want to be a hero. And because you don’t think the rules apply to you.”

The Judge presented a methodical dismantling of the stories being told by disgraced fmr FBI Dir James Comey, that are contradictory, going so far as to question whether he is schizo! Comey’s memos have vindicated Trump proving he has done nothing wrong where he in fact wanted Comey/ FBI to find anyone engaged in any activity that could hurt him. On the flip side Comey acts as if Trump is the bad guy! He told POTUS he’s not a weasel/ leaker, yet he leaked classified information! The release of his memos through his professor friend were a violation of federal law, why hasn’t his home and office been raided?!

The question of collusion has not only faded with regards to Pres Trump but also has risen to greater heights with those on the Left engaged in a clear soft coup. Thanks to Comey we now know fmr DNI James Clapper is knee-deep in this mess too. When will his home and office be raided!?

The Deep State is as Pirro describes, “arrogant egomaniacs” who need to be outed and prosecuted as we will soon see with Andrew McCabe, followed by Comey IF the DOJ upholds the rule of law. If not the US remains a Banana Republic as Comey proved in 2016 when he let Clinton walk.