Author Brad Thor Announces He Will Primary Challenge Trump in 2020

Author Brad Thor went on a Tweet storm against Pres Trump challenging his ethics and mental state. He issued challenges to POTUS to debate “conservatism, American exceptionalism, and the role of government”. Thor is on record over his opposition to Trump going back to the 2016 midterms. In May of 2016 he was falsely accused of calling for Trump’s assassination if elected, during a phone interview on Glenn Beck radio show.

POTUS is not likely to take up a debate with anyone to defend his position and direction he’s taking America. As Thor fired away on Trump he then postedIf no conservative steps up, I will absolutely challenge Donald Trump in 2020. America deserves better leadership.” As you can see there he put a condition in that tweet, that some called him out over which must have triggered a follow-up retweet “In fact, let’s make it official. I’m in.”

IMO Thor is not in this for the long-term to literally be POTUS. He doesn’t have the money nor infrastructure to run a presidential primary campaign. He knows the only way he will be able to get Donald Trump on a stage to debate him is to run against him for the GOP nomination. So if anything he will fund raise to get Trump to one debate and then after that this will most likely be over… if it happens at all!

We get it, we understand some people on the Right are upset with Trump. But to be 100% honest yours truly, who was standing with staunch Constitutional Conservatives, was not Team Trump during the primaries. STR supported Ted Cruz up until the last minute of the RNC convention. After Trump was officially the nominee it was accepted and efforts were focused to do everything possible to stop Hillary Clinton from being elected.  When he won the election he gave a very humble speech that squashed everything said and done during the primaries.

Now back to Constitutional Conservatives for a minute. If we, Cruz supporters, saw Trump to be this monster Thor and others are making him out to be we would be the first ones to call it out. To date he hasn’t done anything wrong. Is he rough around the edges? Has he said things he shouldn’t have and made some bad decisions like signing the spending bill? HELL YES, BUT I don’t think North Korea would be talking to South Korea about ending the war, nor denuclearizing. ISIS wouldn’t be practically wiped off the map right now had anyone else been elected!

Trump is the President we deserve, but not the President we need right now…

Like it or not this country is a mess, the economy is still on track to blow up in our faces despite the propaganda being shoveled out of DC! We’re more divided than ever, and all the other problems still exist BUT Trump is at least addressing them. Remember he’s dealing with a Congress that chooses not to support him. People who preached to us to give them the House, then the Senate then they whined the need the White House are not delivering! Need proof? Obamacare was not repealed. The House is passing bills but the Senate sandbags everything where leadership blames the democRATS!

Trump is 15mos into his administration, give him some slack. If things don’t really get better by 2020 then fine challenge him, but as of now we’re doing SLIGHTLY better than we would have with anyone else!