House Intel Chair Says Trump-Russia Collusion Probe Launched With ZERO Evidence! 📺

“We now know there was no official intelligence used to start this investigation.”

House Intelligence Committee Chair, Devin Nunes, spoke with Fox’s Maria Bartiromo where he explained there was no intelligence evidence to justify/ initiate the Trump-Russia investigation!

Nunes also took shots at the democrats, fmr FBI Dir Comey over their handling of the collusion conspiracy, as well as being quite critical of the newly filed lawsuit against the Trump campaign, Wikileaks and Russia, which is nothing more than a fundraising stunt.

” We do know that long-time associates of Hillary Clinton including Sidney Blumenthal and another person I think Cody Shearer were actively giving information to the State Department that was somehow making its way to the FBI.”

“Once you read all of the Comey memos it becomes Exhibit A in a defense against, that there was no obstruction of justice.”

“Whatever the left accuses you of doing, they’re doing themselves.”

Full transcript

It is abundantly clear the democrats along with their agents within the DOJ/ FBI (and other agencies), aka Deep State, are engaged in a soft coup to remove Donald Trump from office. Sadly, we have in ineffective Atty General in Jeff Sessions who will not take the appropriate action to stop this witch-hunt. Had this been the George Bush admin taking this kind of action against the newly elected barack obama in 2008 all parties involved would have already been perp walked by Eric Holder after obama had taken office.

Pres Trump will not get the justice he deserves so long as Jeff Sessions… Rod Rosenstein is running the DOJ.