Clinton Now Blames Media For Opening Door to “Charlatans” For Election Loss, Wants Censorship 📺

Hillary Clinton’s list of whom to blame for her 2016 loss has no end, as she is now blaming the media that opened the door for “charlatans”. The Russian conspiracy has been debunked yet here she is pushing it front and center as if the Russians made each and every one of you change your vote from Hillary to Trump!

People attack POTUS for always mentioning HRC as if he is obsessed with her, yet the same people are silent over how Clinton will not stop pointing blame at everything for her 2016 loss except herself. She is the one who insists on putting herself out there to be on the receiving end of attacks and criticism. We would all love to see her just go away yet there she is injecting herself in every issue, taking shots at POTUS and his supporters at every opportunity.

No one in the Trump admin is talking about censoring the media. The democrats and Hillary Clinton are creating that narrative and like clockwork offering the solution. Sadly most Americans don’t realize this, for the conspiracists out there, if you want to talk false flag just look at what the democrats are doing 24/7! And isn’t it just like them to call for more restrictions on free speech. That’s what they do, create a problem, offer a solution and silence dissent.

With these never-ending attacks you would think the Right would be energized and treat the coming midterms as they did the 2016 election. From the way it looks many awoke from their self-induced coma to vote for Trump and then went right back into it. Hillary and her ilk are working to take power in DC, do not dismiss them. Get active, alert those of like minds to get active, we need just as many people coming out to vote this November as they did in 2016.