Maxine Waters Claims ’70 Percent of Women’ Want Trump Impeached 📺

Maxine Waters continues her campaign to see Pres Trump impeached to new heights by now blatantly lying. She told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes everywhere she goes people are asking “‘Why can’t you all get rid of him? Why don’t they impeach him? What’s wrong with the other members of Congress why don’t they stand up with you'” going so far as to suggest a poll where 70% of the women in the America want Trump impeached. This is demonstrably false, per the 2016 election. If that many women wanted him out of office he would have never been elected because Trump supporters have stood by POTUS one attack after another that haven’t stopped since early 2016. Also for those who dislike Trump the last thing they would want is Mike Pence taking his place! Waters is lying

The American people as a whole, as far as his supporters go, ignore the attacks from the Left at this point. Collusion, obstruction, porngate etc don’t even phase voters, so how could so many women allegedly want Trump impeached? It’s impossible and a lie told by this habitual liar who had the audacity to mention her district… the same one she doesn’t even live in!

Many will argue as POTUS, Trump has gained more supporters if anything solely as a result of the tax reform that was passed. Time will tell but it’s safe to say this poll Waters brings up was probably conducted by MSNBC. This is the same network responsible for the lie used by every gun grabber from obama down to David Hogg that “90% of gun owners support universal background checks”. MSNBC conducted the poll composed of 1219 viewers of the Morning Joe program to come up with that number the gun control lobby weaponized making Americans believe a large sample was taken when it was not. It’s safe to assume this 70% was created under similar sampling of liberal progressive women who voted for Hillary.

Waters word is worthless. She is the one who lies the time, is dishonest and cons her constituents. Heck she’s doing it in the video to amp up supporters and get more donations, because she knows Trump will never be impeached.