Dem Rep Connolly Calls For Fox News to Fire Sean Hannity 📺

Rep Gerry Connolly is calling for Fox News to fire Sean Hannity because it was revealed in a hearing today with Trump’s attorney Micheal Cohen Hannity was a “client”. The Congressman took cheap shots claiming Hannity has pushed birther, Seth Rich, Hillary Clinton conspiracies and that he distributes “false and fake news left and right” before defending his positions there’s a conflict of interest for Hannity to be connected to Cohen and do news on Fox.

There is no conflict of interest. Cohen is NOT Hannity’s attorney, anymore than Alan Dershowitz or Joe di Genova! How many attorneys does CNN put on air taking their word as gospel when asked to give their opinion on an issue?! What they are doing, what anyone does in that circumstance, is no different from the “relationship” Hannity has with Cohen. We’ve all gone to an atty at one time or another to “run something by them”. Connolly KNOWS this but wants to pile on as there is a new push to get Hannity off the air. Media Matters has again posted a list of his advertisers for calls to boycott him!

Connolly is out of line suggesting Fox News should fire Hannity. He only knows what he has heard, and has clearly made insane assumptions without any facts presented. This is not surprising to see from a radical democrat on CNN, which is notorious for smearing people and pushing fake news.

Democrats cannot be permitted to hold a majority in Congress. They will go on an absolute seek and destroy mission against Trump, his policies and anyone connected to him. The GOP better wake the hell up, their complacency will be their undoing.