Rep Gohmert Supports Impeaching Rod Rosenstein Over Covering for Himself, Mueller on Uranium One 📺

Louie Gohmert appeared on Mornings With Maria Bartiromo to discuss the disastrous FBI/ DOJ following James Comey’s ABC interview. When the issue of Comey’s memos came up it led into a broader discussion over the potential of impeaching upper level DOJ officials including Rod Rosenstein.

Without hesitation Gohmert stated “I have no problem with impeaching Rosenstein. He is a problem. He needs to step down.” For those unaware Rosenstein and Mueller are both knee-deep with the Uranium One scandal which is all the motive in the world for the two to go after Pres Trump and anyone in the administration who gets too close.

Having Rosenstein in the DOJ, with regards to overseeing the Trump-Russia unproven conspiracy, is like allowing any mob boss control an investigation into themselves. Rosenstein should not only be fired ,but under criminal investigation for his involvement with Uranium One.