Judge Pirro Eviscerates “Ultimate Liar” Jim Comey For Ridiculing Pres Trump 📺

Judge Pirro opened up both barrels on fmr FBI Dir Jim Comey over his tv appearance, for the coming release of his book, ridiculing and attacking President Trump. Comey has no credibility with the amount of lies and contradictions he has given, under oath (why hasn’t he been charged for perjury?). He has violated FBI rules leaking information to press, given Hillary Clinton a pass for breaking multiple federal laws and, as Pirro points out, on the verge of a “knife fight” with Loretta Lynch.

Comey has demonstrated he is not the professional the Left has propped him up to be prior to and after his firing. He is in fact a political operative, who willingly helped advanced a false narrative against POTUS that has exploded into an out of control investigation, based on lies paid for by Clinton sourced by Russians.

There is no other way to describe who James Comey is than how Pirro did as a “pompous, egotistical, patronizing, condescending, holier-than-thou political operative” trying to redeem himself. The man tried to help Clinton win an election she couldn’t even win her own party’s primaries. Comey is a screw up as the Judge cites screwing up investigations in Boston Bombing, Pulse Night Club attack, San Bernardino terror attack and even 9/11.

Why anyone would believe a word from this political hack is mind-boggling? Don’t buy Comey’s book, don’t watch any show he is on. He’s out to make a quick buck off of ignorant uninformed people by ridiculing and trashing the President.