Dem Leaders & Media Defend Violent MS-13 Gang After Trump Called Them Animals 📺

There are only 2 conclusions one can come to over democrat leaders and the media coming to the defense of the violent, vile, evil MS-13 gang after Pres Trump rightfully called them animals. The Left:

1) either stupid or hates Trump so much they didn’t take the 2 minutes to watch the entire exchange between POTUS and Sheriff Mims in full context to see he was talking about MS-13


2) willfully LIES to the public, producing outright propaganda, to race-bait and incite their mindless followers with the hopes of winning at the ballot box, because “#resist”

(There’s plenty more from USA Today, HuffPo, WaPo etc )

For those unaware MS-13 butchers people for entertainment be it dismembering limbs, removing organs while victim is alive to raping young girls when these animals monsters aren’t engaged in the typical run of the mill crimes (drug & gun running, theft, extortion, human trafficking, sexual trafficking, murder etc) their “organization” is known for. Got it? That is what Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Harwood, Cenk the Turk, NY Times, CSPAN etc etc etc are all defending when they attacked President Trump. And pay attention to when the retractions are posted on Twitter., the propaganda they initially posted ,that got tens of thousands of likes and retweets, will get a fraction of the response.

America the Left hates Trump and they HATE YOU, so much so they take these insane positions defending gangs, criminals to terrorist groups (re Hamas) because they want to win. They want to control every aspect of your life, that’s what this is all about because that dream of theirs got destroyed when Hillary lost.

YOU BETTER GET YOUR ASSES OUT TO VOTE IN THE PRIMARIES AND GENERAL MIDTERM ELECTION to keep these monster Leftists from ever holding majority power in this country… otherwise California is Americas future.