Trump: MS-13 “Aren’t People. These Are Animals” 📺

Why is this common knowledge fact about MS-13 being posted? Because the media LOVES to take what the President says out of context, weaponize and use it against him, especially when it comes to illegal immigration.

If you listen to what the media, democrat pundits and your garden variety Leftist says you would believe President Trump said immigrants “aren’t people. These are animals.” Of course they conveniently edit his words to fit their agenda, which is pro -illegal immigration, -open borders, -crime committed by illegals and paint him as a racist.

In reality, during this California Sanctuary State Roundtable, Trump was talking about the MS-13 animals (actually they’re monsters), in response to Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims who pointed out problems she’s had, who have flooded into the US because of weak immigration laws. We have all the previous presidencies, and, of course, democrat leadership from the state to federal levels to thank for this illegal alien invasion, gangs like MS-13 have used to infiltrate the US. Not only do these monsters terrorize US citizens but they also terrorize their own people in the communities they’ve infiltrated.

Now does the media make it clear how this gang and others are terrorizing the country? NO. They trivialize the threat MS-13 poses to America and twists things to make it all about “Trump’s hate for illegal immigrants”. And they wonder why they are so hated by half the country!

If you ever hear Trump say something controversial in a short clip seek out the full video. It’s extra work but it’s the only way you’ll ever get the truth. The media no longer serves as the Fourth Estate, to keep the govt in check, they are the Fifth Column, they hate Trump and they hate you because you support him.