Joe diGenova: Obama Knew About Spygate πŸ”Š

Spygate is far bigger than Watergate ever was because we had a sitting US President (obama) most likely green lighting, if not directing it. And how do we know this? The recovered Strzok-Page text messages not only indicate a plan to stop Trump, via “insurance plan”, but there is a text that states β€˜the White House is running this.’


Furthermore there is no way obama would not have been advised in his daily briefings, especially when a presidential candidate/ Pros-Elect campaign and staff are subjects of FISA warrants obama’s AG Lynch would have had to sign off. Are we really to believe Loretta Lynch never told obama about anything going on?

As for the Clapper and the rest of the obama loyalists gaslighting the country what spying is, how come no one was “looking out” “protecting”, or any of the other lame excuses, Hillary Clinton from the Russians?

Yea exactly! The Left is mad spinning this whole thing because they got caught. They honestly believed Hillary would win and all of this would be buried. That just gives you a hint of how bad and corrupt this govt of ours is. Now tell me again the US is not a Banana Republic!?