Crackpot “Cultural Critic” Guest on CNN Says Trump Voters Are Racist 📺

“Cultural critic” Michaela Angela Davis appeared on CNN, with race hustler Michael Eric Dyson, discussing Roseanne Barr’s twitter rant, that resulted in the cancellation of her show. As expected from CNN, the segment evolved into a Trump bashing segment that he is a racist, extending out to you, the President’s supporters. That’s right America, those of you who voted for Trump, 63 million of you, are racists.

CNN’s Berman: “All of the people who voted for Donald Trump are racist?”
Davis: “Yes, yes.”

Yes, there is racism in America. It is black on white racism, most are afraid to call out. Davis is a racist, so is Dyson along with Al Sharpton, Joy Ann Reid, Louis Farrakhan etc. As a white American who is not racist, I’m getting pretty damned tired of racism coming from these race hustlers who use their dark skin color as cover to drive division in this country. And we all have barack hussein benito milhous obama to thank for it. Obama got the ball running, setting race relations back 40 years.

BTW someone tell this “expert” in culture being Muslim isn’t a race…