Farrakhan: Trump Admin Has Done More For Black Community Than Previous Admin 📺

“Trump is destroying every enemy that was an enemy of our rise.”

Little loss for words here because Farrakhan is not one to ever agree or support on anything. Sometimes when someone you vehemently disagree with, even despise, says something that’s true it should be shared and acknowledged. Candace Owens said it best…

As quickly as Farrakhan “praises” Trump he follows up suggesting POTUS should be careful as he could bring America to the brink.

While we should most definitely take what Farrakhan says with a grain of sand, it is an indicator the Black community is going through a political awakening of sort breaking away from the democrat plantation. Over the last couple of years we have seen politicians leave the democrat party, black community “revolt” against leaders like Sharpton and then recently Kanye West broke the internet.

No one is bound to support a party because of skin color, and even the most repulsive people we have in society can be right sometimes.