Fmr Air Force Gen Blasted McCain Over His Opposition to Haspel on Enhanced Interrogation 📺

John McCain in his final months, weeks, days is showing his true self many of us have always known. He is a miserable, angry, vindictive SOB who claims torture and enhanced interrogation doesn’t work. He is opposed to Gina Haspel being confirmed as the next CIA chief because of the programs she oversaw. For the record only 3 terrorists were subjected to EIT and the information we got was good enough that it resulted in the demise of osama bin laden…

Fmr Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill disagrees

Fmr Air Force General Thomas McInerney had choice words and spoke truth today on Fox Business that torture “worked” on McCain (Signed a confession with jargon, he still signed it!), ‘They call him Songbird John’

Shame on Charles Payne for posting an apology for what the General said,…

… like it or not EIT and torture works. No one can resist forever, just ask any special forces operator they’ll all tell you the same thing: in the end we all break.

Let’s be clear EIT’s are not the same as torture, one is a mindfuck the other produces permanent physical injury. No one is advocating the US employ techniques from removing fingernails, teeth, to using a power drill or burning ones body. Subjecting terrorists and others who posed a threat to the nation to simulated drowning (waterboarding) to get critical information, under medical supervision, is the ultimate mindfuck that has produced results (see O’Neill’s tweet again).

McCain and company are conflating the torture he and people in third-world countries have been subjected to with EIT’s, they’re not the same and it’s irresponsible and dangerous to make that comparison. To take the words from our “friends” on the Left “if just one life can be saved” why would you be against using EIT’s!?

Let me close by addressing the immoral charge McCain & Harris put on Haspel: it would be IMMORAL to not use any of the tools and techniques we have available to save 1 or countless American lives. These progressives prefer to side with protecting terrorists and evil doers.