Mark Levin: Mueller’s Purpose is to Remove Trump 📺

Here we have Mark Levin again explaining facts Leftists will never acknowledge as they hang their every hope on Robert Mueller’s illegal special investigation ( a crime was never committed to justify it). And only Leftists would believe a single prosecutor has the power to remove a sitting president from office when it is clear only Congress holds that power; via impeachment.

What Levin in effect is explaining about Mueller is a Constitutional crisis. Leftists would have you believe what Trump is doing is causing one, but it is they, Mueller, Comey, Deep State et al who are engaged in this soft coup to remove Trump from office.

Do dems honestly believe Trump will leave office? “Well if he is impeached he has to.” Says who? Bill Clinton was impeached and remained in office. So let Mueller attempt to indict or dems try to impeach Trump, and remove him from office, they’ll undoubtedly get that fight they’ve been asking for and it won’t end well for them.

People talk of civil war coming to America. Dems want it, the radicals within their midst talk about revolution, overthrow the govt, do away with anyone who doesn’t subscribe to Leftist ideology. Will it happen in the near future? Probably not, but this nation is so divided, to the point of no return, where the ability to even have a discussion is just about gone. A fight is coming, the only good thing about that is that it will end faster than it starts.

Like Clemenza said in the Godfather about war between the Families, “These things gotta happen every five years or so, ten years. Helps to get rid of the bad blood.” The US needs a reset, it’s inevitable.