WATCH Maxine Waters Come Unhinged Throwing a Tantrum on House Floor 📺

It would appear the prospects of “impeaching 45”, lack of evidence of collusion with Russia, and Mueller’s investigation having more holes in it than Swiss cheese is taking its toll on Maxine Waters. During a debate over repealing 2013 auto lending rules Waters got into it with Rep Mike Kelly over his comments about discrimination in the auto-industry.

Wigged Out Maxine put her true disrespectful self on full display during this tantrum by attacking POTUS and refusing to follow House rules.

For an African American woman who carries on about race and knowing all about discrimination she sure has a strange way of demonstrating it to her voters! Her district.. ‘scuse me the one she represents, but oddly doesn’t live in, is a shithole, rated one of the worst in CA.

Waters ignores the black community expecting their votes, because skin color, while she panders to illegals. If I were black I’d be pissed off at her, and the DNC as whole, coming to the realization they’ve been using my community to hold onto power while doing nothing to make our lives better… but that’s just me.

Anyway what you’re seeing here is escalation of the massive irreconcilable divide in this country.