Impeach Trump Organizer Says Trump “Talented Communicator” Like Hitler 📺

Billionaire Tom Steyer was attacking Pres Trump during a “town hall” event, he was holding to impeach Trump, where he agreed with an attendee who compared the President of the United States to hitler stating “Mr Trump has.. he really is an incredibly, skillful and talented communicator”. Apparently Steyer believes comments like this and the lies he tells, as he does here that Trump is breaking the law, along with his next impeach ad campaign, will gain public support?!?

Does this dolt understand that when he compares the President hitler people immediately dismiss him? He even addresses it here saying they’re close where the only difference is one killed millions. Does Steyer understand when he and his ilk attack POTUS they’re also attacking the 63 million Americans voted for Trump? Does Tommy understand most Normal Americans see through this nonsense when radical, unhinged, violent, dangerous Leftists like himself invoke hitler and nazis it means they have nothing left to stand on in debate?!

For the record the only people breaking families up over illegal immigration are the illegal families! They choose to stay while mom or dad who entered the US ILLEGALLY gets rightfully thrown out. Where were all these Leftist bleeding hearts when obama, of all people, was throwing illegals out?

NO ONE has a right to come to the USA, it is a privilege. AND NONE of the illegals in the US have ANY rights. The Constitution is NOT a treaty with the world.

By all means Tommy keep it up, keep attacking Trump and millions of Americans. Keep making the hitler references, pulling the race card, caring more about illegals than US citizens, and calling for our rights to be taken away. Please by tons of tv ads trashing us between now and election day and include all the democrats up for re-election in your ad who support every word you spew.