Michael Savage Makes the Case John McCain is a Traitor πŸ”Š

Surely the headline will have progressives in an uproar but hear Michael Savage out before you cast judgement. John McCain is no angel, in his final days/ weeks/ months he is showing the true man many of us already knew him to be of a miserable, angry, vindictive SOB lashing out at anyone he opposes, including Pres Trump and his pick for CIA Chief Gina Haspel.

Instead of retiring from the Senate, as any of us would do, focusing all our energy on our health and spending as much time as possible with our family, McCain remains defiant. Savage lays out the case to call McCain a traitor, you can either listen or ignore the facts, but McCain has done things that have aided enemies to this country, taken positions working against the US. Do you not remember when he visited with “Syrian rebels” and was adamant to arm them only for us to learn in the following months/ years these rebels were ISIS!?

McCain attacks POTUS and has vowed to vote against Gina Haspel over her involvement with Enhanced Interrogation. McCain believes Haspel is not qualified for the job because he thinks waterboarding cold-blooded jihadist killers is torture!

Waterboarding is not torture, it is psychological of the highest order; simulated drowning. Torture is the act of inflicting permanent physical harm, there is no comparison between the two. McCain and others making this claim are conflating waterboarding with one’s finger nails and/ or teeth being removed or far far worse, where power drills are used on the body and being burned, are one in the same. They’re not, special operators are subjected to waterboarding in their training, so if it were a problem don’t you think they would be saying something? If they don’t have a problem with it why should you?

John McCain is not a good man, he’s done things to screw this country over during his time as a US Senator and it is shameful.. SHAMEFUL his service is being used, as Savage explains, as “lifetime immunity from criticism”, for him to be an obstructionist (like democrats). He vehemently acts against the President (fine whatever), but reneged on a campaign promise which in effect was an act of fraud on voters! Yea America, Arizona voters, if you voted and donated for McCain because he PROMISED he would vote to repeal obamacare, he committed fraud when he voted against it! He in fact was a traitor to every single man and woman who voted for him on that issue alone!

I’m sorry the man is not… NOT a hero.

Now before people get their panties in a wad answer this:
Do you celebrate and praise people as heroes for doing their job?
Is a cop a hero when they do their job issuing a parking ticket to taking on bank robbers?
Is a fireman a hero for putting out a fire, getting a cat down from a tree or extricating someone from a car wreck?

The answer is NO, because they’re doing the job they chose to do of their own free will.

John McCain was a fighter pilot, a job he chose of his own free will. He had to go through flight training and he also went through SERE school? What’s SERE school? SERE stands for Survive, Evade, RESIST, Escape, and it is training ALL pilots receive because there is a high possibility they will get shot down over enemy lines and be captured if they survive the crash.

Getting shot down and caught is part of their job. Got it?

John McCain was shot down and captured where he was imprisoned for 5 years at the infamous Hanoi Hilton. He RESISTED his captors, and yet for some reason he is being championed a hero for doing the job he wanted and was trained to do!? Sorry America, he’s not a hero, he did his job and calling him and people heroes for doing their jobs diminishes the value of the word Hero.

A hero is a cop with no special equipment (breathing gear, fire-retardant clothing etc) who runs into a burning building to save people a few floors up.
A hero is fireman or paramedic who runs into the line of gunfire, unarmed, to save someone and bring them to safety.
A hero is a 20 yr old student passing by a burning home, stops, runs in to help an elderly woman escape death.

These are a few of many examples of one being a hero. Sadly the word is abused now, everyone is a hero in the age of entitlement and participation trophies. But John McCain is no hero, he’s no patriot, he’s lousy politician who accomplished very little during his time in Congress and is really the poster child for Term Limits.

Update 8/24/18: News broke that McCain is no longer seeking medical treatment for his cancer. Thoughts go out to his family, very sad for them, but nothing has changed in this OP. As argued when this was first posted, the right thing for him to do was RETIRE spending his final days/ weeks/ months with his family. He chose not to do that for as long as he could until the illness took a toll where he was no longer capable of traveling to DC. To this day he has not retired from the Senate showing how spiteful he is.