Black Voters Rip Into City Council Over Sanctuary City Policies in California 📺

Black Americans spoke out against sanctuary city policies during a Santa Clarita, CA council meeting, making it clear they too are dreamers just like the illegal aliens progressives in Sacramento are pandering to. Their outrage is justified over how the democrat party has more or less used them for decades (since LBJ’s Great Society) to stay in power. Democrats have done nothing for them expecting their vote while they now focus all their efforts on illegal aliens aka undocumented democrat voters.What we need is more and more people within the Black community especially in troubled areas to speak up and revolt against the democrats. They taken advantage of them for far too long.

It would appear the nerve Kanye West hit was enough to get the ball rolling where we are seeing more and more people in the Black community speaking out, saying what many have been saying for a very long time. The Santa Clarita board did vote in favor of defying the state’s sanctuary city law.