Tucker Schools NM Dem Candidate, Who Dropped F-Bomb Against NRA in Ad, on Guns 📺

First things first, as Lifetime Member of the NRA I’d like to thank Pat Davis for dropping that F-bomb against the “us” helping increase donations and member roles to one of the oldest civil rights organizations in the country. It’s because of people like Davis the NRA grows stronger by the day against those, who identify as progressives, seeking to destroy the Second Amendment and the Constitution.

Speaking of progressives, Davis boldly identifies as one in his ad, but let’s be honest progressive is just PC language for what they really are, communists. Don’t take my word for it, look it up yourselves, you’ll see… but I’ll give a hint to get ball rolling: search for Fabian Socialists in your google box.

Now, props to Tucker Carlson for schooling this clown who thinks because he was a cop he is some kind of god on gun facts and what’s right and wrong. Frankly, I’m tired of people who serve using their service as some sort of right of passage that they are all-knowing and superior to the rest of us. As Carlson demonstrates from the questions he asks Davis, the NM congressional candidate has no idea what he’s talking about, so much so he dodged a simple question of how many NRA members have committed a mass shooting = 0!

No weapon readily available to the civilian market can fire 150 rounds in 15 seconds. It’s impossible, from the rate of fire ones finger can’t generate (bump-firing or not) to the magazine change per Davis’ comments. The Las Vegas terrorist, from what we heard because NO facts have been released, used 60-100 round magazines which means you have to stop and reload. Well you can’t fire and reload 150 rounds in 15 seconds. Remember we’re basing this on this progressives opinion, because YES there are 150 round drums available, but this fraud never said that. He said using same magazines LV terrorist used.

Then there is the problem of mechanical failure Tucker brought up, that yours truly has pointed out a few times on Twitter, posting actual videos of ArmaLite rifles failing with in 3-6 minutes under sustained fire.

The weapons will fail because they are not military grade weapons, so this gun grabbing clown is proven wrong. Heck he was wrong the moment he said “assault weapons”, because no one has ever been able to definitively define them including the ATF since 1989! What’s an assault weapon? A car, van, knife, machete… pressure cooker?!

The majority of communists attacking the Second Amendment truly have no idea what they’re talking about. It is your duty to gunsplain them at every opportunity and hopefully aside from embarrassing them you’ll trigger them to act like the whiny babies we know them to be.

I will give Davis this, the time for being nice and polite is most definitely over. Hell that’s been the driving force behind this site for years, to stop playing the Left’s games, break the rules and STOP BEING NICE… because Leftists don’t care. They want you disarmed, obedient, enslaved (seriously), if not dead.

If you haven’t already buy guns and ammo, get training how to use them because it really pisses them off knowing there are over 300M guns in circulation.