Judicial Watch: Special Counsel Mueller is Doing All He Can to Destroy Trump 📺

After all we’ve learned to date the Mueller investigation carries on regardless of the fact it’s based on fake dossier paid by DNC and Clinton provided by the Russians! Robert Mueller is aware of all the details we know of to date yet continues this witch hunt against Pres Trump because he has been tasked with the Deep States mission to remove Trump from office.

To this day not one person has been indicted for colluding with Russia, let alone proof supplied it ever happened; keep in mind collusion is not a crime. Mueller appointed by his friend Rosenstein is also pals with Comey who was fired by Trump, the alleged trigger for the special counsel, which dems claim is an act of obstruction of justice, yet no charges filed after 2 years of this nonsense.

How much more proof do people need to see this is soft coup taking place?

No crimes have been committed by Trump, and the firing of Comey was well within POTUS’ Article II rights to begin with. Judicial Watch’s Chris Farrell has it right, Mueller is out to destroy Trump because any normal, prosecutor without an agenda would have ended things by now.

The democrats will do anything to stop Trump from running in 2020. You must vote this year as if it is 2016, to get as many republicans into office as possible. The democrats cannot be permitted to retake the House and Senate. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer cannot be allowed to Congress or everything that has been accomplished will be reversed.