Watch Radical Dem Senator Attempt to Bully CIA Chief Nominee ๐Ÿ“บ

This is rich, the Senator who supports abortion wants to question whether enhanced interrogation techniques are immoral. Hey thanks Kamala for going on record you care more about the welfare of terrorists. Please produce Americans upset over how terrorists are treated, those of us waiting especially want to hear from families of 9/11 victims.

The treatment Gina Haspel received from Senate democrats, Kamala Harris in particular, should tell people all they need to know about them (if they had doubt). Dems are destructive, obstructive, care more about our enemies and will gladly attack and trash American patriots like Haspel.

Paying attention America? It’s immoral and unethical to subject one to simulated drowning. FTR waterboarding is NOT torture. Those subjected to this type of enhanced interrogation do not suffer permanent injures. Shame on anyone who implies it’s the same as having ones finger nails or teeth removed, or having body parts being drilled (yes a power drill) and burned, as fmr Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill advised is terrorists preferential method when they interrogate prisoners!

Let Kamala Harris’ presence in the US Senate be a warning to all Americans of what happens under one party rule. She is the actual product of it in CA where conservatives and republicans have no say. For those who don’t know CA is under one party rule (democrats) who have CHANGED election rules where the two candidates with the most votes in the primary election are the ones who get put on the general election ballot.


CA dems did that so voters have NO CHOICE between candidates with differing platforms as they take over almost every district in the state (thanks to illegals mucking up population count to add more state & Congressional representation). In 2016 CA voters had two “choices” to replace/ fill the Senate seat of retiring Barbara Boxer. They got to choose between Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez, Dem vs Dem, because they had the most votes in the 2016 primary putting them on the general election ballot. That’s what happens when DEMOCRATS control a state, they change the election rules to lock in power and keep the most radical in office.

And now there she is, Kamala is in the Senate making a mockery of it, bullying ANYONE with opposing views. Demanding “yes” or “no” answers to questiosn designed to trap an individual to “incriminate” themselves. Take the word of a CA citizen trapped in the state, Harris is a TERRORIST… okay bully(more on that soon) just ask any CA law-abiding gun owner.