Joe diGenova: IG Report is Being Scrubbed by Deputy AG Rosenstein ๐Ÿ“บ

Fmr US attorney Joe diGenova explains why the DOJ’s inspector general report is being delayed, which should be of no surprise to anyone at this point. Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein is removing and redacting any information that could hurt the soft coup Deep State conspirators trying to remove Pres Trump from office. There is no limit these people in the govt won’t go to protect themselves, friends (ie Comey), and their “bosses” (ie Clinton/ obama)

This is what happens when you have an inept, incompetent Attorney General who is so weak he allows himself to be talked into recusing himself from corruption at the highest level by his subordinate who is knee-deep in the corruption! None of this would be happening if Sessions didn’t cower to pressure from the Left, Rosenstein capitalized off of. That said it’s no wonder now excerpts of IG Horowitz’s supposed 500 page report was leaked to ABC News of all places! At least we know there are some people within the DOJ who are honorable to leak the info out so we can get a sense over how bad things really are.