Dems Attack Trump Admin Border Policy: Separating Families is Inhumane ๐Ÿ“บ

Democrats are adamant to turn illegal aliens ILLEGALLY crossing our borders into a humanitarian issue rather than national security, let alone law and order. First off illegals are coached to approach border agents and claim asylum. They say they’re escaping from crime, violence, rape, death threats etc, well we have that here in many metropolitan cites (under democrat control) what makes illegals (NOT refugees) any different/ better? Keep in mind this site WARNED asylum would be the new angle democrats would use to get as many illegals across our border!

The only people guilty of separating families at the border (or those captured and deported in the US) are the families themselves! They can all go with whomever is getting thrown out for violating our laws. Isn’t it also inhumane for foreign parents to send their kids ALONE to the US? Why aren’t the parents who do this being condemned by the Left?

Take note there have been no.. Z E R O pressers like this from the democrats over the American families who have been torn apart by illegal aliens. Where were these bleeding heart democrats for Kate Steinle’s, Jamiel Shaw Jr’s, Indianapolis Colts’ Edwin Jackson‘s, Deputy Brandon Collins‘, and many other families? Exactly! Democrats DO NOT CARE about US citizens and the damage if not carnage left in the wake of their precious illegal aliens.

Forget those families destroyed by illegal aliens, forget illegal aliens all together for a moment. Where are these bleeding heart liberals for all the families ruined when a parent goes to jail everyday in America? It’s especially worse when said parent is a single parent resulting in their kid(s) becoming wards of the state and/ or getting put into foster care! What about those families, isn’t it inhumane to lock parents up thus separating families, be it for drugs, theft, assault etc?

If would be nice if pundits who stand opposed to this deceptive narrative of the democrats would say these things, but they get sucked into the illegal immigration debate and get demonized being in favor of breaking families up. Turn the tables on the dems, show how hypocritical and uncaring they truly are. These monsters only pander to illegals because they want votes for money, power and control.