Another Unhinged Dem Congressman Thinks Trump Presidency is a Tyrannical One ๐Ÿ“บ

Democrats have come so unhinged since Nov 8th 2016. They have literally rioted to spinning every crazy conspiracy theory possible with the hopes of running Donald Trump out of the presidency. To this day he has done nothing illegal, yet they rant and rave as if he is the most corrupt President in US history.

We have a factual unjustified, unconstitutional investigation where anyone who is innocent and holding the presidency would say they have the right to pardon themselves. And that is all Pres Trump said, he didn’t say he was going to do, just that under the powers of the Constitution he could do it.

Democrats of course have gone apeshit claiming “constitutional crisis” if POTUS does anything to protect or exonerate himself. First off we’re in a Constitutional crisis with the number of attacks Trump has been subjected to by the democrats and intelligence agencies. As Mark Levin pointed out, per the capacity he is acting in, special counsel Mueller’s appointment is illegal! Second, prior to the 2016 election, many were dancing around the idea of obama pardoning Hillary Clinton if she won or she would do it herself. I don’t recall anyone screaming from the rooftops Constitutional crisis.

What CNN, all the media really, and Rep Quigley are doing here is just to amping Leftists up to get them to vote in the primaries and general election. These people are so consumed with hate they’ll say anything to get voters out to regain power. If they take control of Congress they will impeach Pres Trump. If that isn’t motive enough for republicans to vote this Nov then you get what you deserve.

The tyranny we have in this country is that coming from the majority in Congress as they violate laws, infringe on American’s rights daily, steal our money burying us in debt.