Hillary in 2014 Said Illegal Immigrant Children ‘Should Be Sent Back’ 📺

“Just because your child gets across the border, that doesn’t mean the child gets to stay.”

Democrats and RINO republicans have lost their minds over Pres Trump enforcing the immigration laws on the books. No one seemed to care when illegal alien children were being separated from their parents for SAFETY reasons under a 2008 law passed under GW Bush! All of a sudden “kids in cages” has become front page news by the very same people who ignored it under the obama admin.

Hillary Clinton has of course weighed in on the issue carrying on that what is happening is horrific attacking POTUS saying he lying. BUT, in 2014 the same Hillary Clinton was asked at a CNN town hall what should happen to illegal alien children, and she was clear with her answer, ‘They should be sent back’.

Why aren’t Leftists calling her a nazi, having no heart or empathy?

The underlying problem with this immigration mess is this:
All of Trump’s predecessors kicked the immigration can down the road just as they did with North Korea. Reagan had good intentions to end the mess but was duped by a lying Congress. Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr and obama weaponized the issue when it suited them yet did nothing to stop the flow of illegals across the border.

barack hussein benito milhous obama made matters much worse because he used his pen and phone to undermine the rule of law. He ordered ICE and the Border Patrol to NOT do their jobs allowing tens of thousands of illegal aliens to enter the US. Couple that with democrats pandering to illegals giving out free stuff at taxpayers expense they created a magnet for illegals to enter or send their kids here.

Now that we have a President who WON’T abuse the powers of the Executive Branch to issue an order to stop which has progressives (R’s & D’s) throwing a fit. He wants a legislative solution in exchange for the wall being built. Blackmail? Yep! Fine with many voters too. The wall must be built to stop illegals but also the cartels from taking advantage of our border.

If Clinton and her ilk have their way by making this a humanitarian issue, illegals will be able to stroll across the border without any resistance so long as they have a kid in tow yapping about asylum. By the yours truly WARNED this would happen. Democrats would change the narrative make illegals entering the US an issue of asylum to justify opening the flood gates.

Just think what dems will do if they retake the House and Senate this midterm season. Trump WILL BE impeached, followed by Pence, where progressives will install POTUS they want and pass legislation granting amnesty to anyone who wants it.