House Democratic Caucus Ldr Calls ICE a “Fascist” Organization 📺

Democrats will never let up calling anyone or organization that is not in lockstep with their policies fascists, nazis, dictators, authoritarians etc. Mind you all of these ID’s and then some are all words used to describe Leftists in one way or another that have European origins. In Germany for example you had fascists considered on the Right, BUT on the TRUE political spectrum they’re still Left.

Facts like this never stop democrats like Joe Crowley, the Chair of the House Democratic Caucus, as he attacked ICE for doing their jobs calling them a “fascist” organization. Crowley not only wants to see ICE gone but see that democrats take over and run Washington. They want to consolidate govt agencies and run it all, isn’t that fascist and totalitarian!?

Here’s the deal:
Illegal aliens, if you don’t want to be separated from your children don’t cross the US border.
Democrats, if you have such a problem with the laws being enforced why didn’t you do anything about them when obama was president? Why did ALL you now complaining remain silent when families were being broke apart under obama? Why didn’t you change immigration laws when you held a supermajority for his for 2 years in office? You could have gotten, immigration, gun control, climate change and many other policies through had you not wasted time on obamacare (which is a proven disaster)!

To call ICE agents, AMERICANS, fascists for doing their jobs, to protect this nation, is disgraceful. Do you know what’s even more disgraceful?
– Migrants on the Mexican side of the border sending their children across unattended/ unsupervised.
– Migrants on the Mexican side of the border weaponizing children to undermine the US’ sovereignty.
– Elected US officials who want illegal aliens to be set free in America if they enter with children! Congrats dems, you’re advertising another way for terrorists to get in here. All they need to do is have a kid in tow and they can stroll right in!
– Democrats ignoring American families separated everyday when one or both parents are incarcerated or a loved one dies at the hands of a criminal illegal alien.

Democrats tell us how great our “friends” across the border are, then how come none of the illegal aliens that came to the US stayed in Mexico? If Mexico is so wonderful why do Nicaraguans, Hondurans, Guatemalans, South Americans etc and MEXICANS risk their lives to get into the USA???