House Intel Chairman: There Will Be ‘Hell to Pay’ If DOJ Does Not Turn Over Documents 📺

The DOJ has been stonewalling Congressional oversight committees (Intel, Oversight etc) with their requests for documents relevant to the Trump-Russia probe. Rep Devin Nunes tells Maria Bartiromo that if the requested info does not begin to show up, starting Monday, come Wednesday there will be ‘hell to pay’!

House members have already drawn up a resolution for the entire body to vote on compelling compliance from the DOJ. This is nothing more than an official slap on the wrist. Congress needs to move on holding Rod Rosenstein
and other DOJ officials in contempt, moving quickly to impeachment. They have had far too much time, and are clearly running down the clock in what can only be perceived as CYA at this point. What other reason could there be to stonewall? We’ve seen redacted documents released only to those documents declassified where the redacted info had nothing to do with national security, but more about protecting individuals. That’s all they’re doing at this point is covering for each other. ALL parties involved honestly believed Hillary would be elected and none of their actions to interfere and obstruct with the election would be buried.

The recent IG report revealed texts and other information was never made available to the House Intel Committee that has enraged leaders. This just goes to show how out of control this entire scandal has become where even the IG is acting above the law. Horowitz ruined his career with this report suggesting no bias when it’s all over it!

The US govt has system of Checks & Balances: Congress maintains oversight over the DOJ. Rosenstein is acting as if he is a govt unto himself and can run the agency any way he sees fit. Yes you read that right, Rosenstein is running the DOJ not Jeff Sessions. That in itself should tell you how bad things really are!

People really need to go to jail on this because if they don’t it is more proof this country is a Banana Republic. Law and order must be restored, soft coup conspirators must be brought to justice and those inept, incompetent and just impotent within the DOJ/ FBI must be removed from their positions, including Jeff Sessions.