Pirro Rips Deep State IG Report, Calls for Sessions to Get the Hell Out of Trump’s Way 📺

Jeanine Pirro opened her show with a powerful monologue over the rogue Deep State who is clearly biased and tried to influence the 2016 election. The IG report concluded there is no bias yet all we see in it are examples of bias. No one is going to send a text or email literally spelling it out. As Mark Levin explained, after the release of the report, the lack of pro-Trump texts, emails or senior officials along with no anti-Hillary text, emails and senior officials is the proof of absolute bias!

We have govt officials who believe they know what’s best for America, that you, the voter and TAX PAYERS, are incapable of choosing a president to lead the country. These people operate on delusions of grandeur and massive power trip to literally try to frame Donald Trump of “colluding” with Russia and obstruction when they are in fact the ones colluding and obstructing.

The long list of questions Pirro runs through demonstrate how poorly this 550 page was done. It makes you wonder if IG Horowitz was getting orders from someone on how to conduct his investigation! Noooo that couldn’t happen could it?! Sure it could because the parties involved all have a lot to lose. Comey, Lynch, Clinton, Obama, Rosenstein etc all have been caught lying and jeopardizing national security. Sorry to tell you nothing is going to happen to any of them because the US IS a Banana Republic as Comey made clear in 2016 and Christopher Wray following the reports release.

As for AG Sessions, it is way past time for Jeff to get the hell out of the DOJ. He is a waste of flesh at this point, serving as nothing but a figurehead for the agency while the corrupt Rod Rosenstein runs it into the ground. All Americans agree 100% with Pirro’s call for him to get the hell our of Trump’s way (aka resign).

POTUS should fire Rosenstein which will trigger Sessions resignation. There will be no justice for Pres Trump, nor We the People so long as Sessions is running the DOJ and all the soft coup conspirators remain in their high paying jobs instead of out of jobs or behind bars. The spineless GOP needs to stop with their idle threats too, and move to impeach high-ranking officials.

We’re there folks, it’s time for pitchforks and torches.