Mark Levin Nails It! ‘Not a Single Pro-Trump FBI Agent’ in IG Report 📺


FBI Dir Christopher Wray’s speech from today, following the release of the IG report should familiar. His speech saying no bias, nothing to see here, is just like the speech Fmr Dir Comey gave in 2016 cutting Hillary Clinton loose after he changed federal law on the fly!

The Great One Mark Levin weighed-in on the report and the fallout, making the best observation anyone could have made. There is not one text, email, or senior level FBI official cited in the report showing support for Donald Trump. There are no texts, emails or FBI officials in the report that are anti-Hillary Clinton. There are no pro-Trump That there is all the proof you need America to know everything Wray and the democrats are saying are untrue.

There was clearly bias against Trump, the text messages between Strzok and Page are proof of that as they establish intent to stop Trump via the insurance plan. The Mueller probe playing out right now is EXACTLY what they conspired, revealed in this report!

The collusion as Levin points out between the media and the FBI taking gifts (bribes) for leaks that hurt who? Trump not Clinton is more proof of bias.

This is 2016 all over again with the finger-pointing and redirection by high-ranking govt officials. Why? WHY are these people so hell-bent to protect Hillary? She’s done NOTHING to deserve such loyalty, yet there it is for all to see, FBI and DOJ officials conspiring to stop Trump with the hopes of seating her in the White House.

If only it wasn’t for those damn Russians brainwashing you people in fly over country she’d be presid.. queen right now carrying on obama’s third term!