Pelosi: Supreme Court Has Done “Violence to Our Democracy” 📺


The Left has come incredibly unhinged over the last week following positive news for America. Here we have a Supreme Court ruling in favor of non-union members where Nancy Pelosi considers it “violence to our democracy”!? How is a ruling that stops taking ones money and using it in ways they oppose violence to our democracy?

Unions need to go the way of the dinosaur, they served their purpose in this country for a period of time when workers rights were ignored. But now in this hyper-sensitive climate where one is quick to run to an attorney to get their way they’re more or less bypassing what the Unions used to do. On top of that we have countless liberals in office who jump at the opportunity to pass a law when it comes to workers rights. Ask any company about how much time and resources they have to provide to stay in compliance with worker regs and laws!? Unions are nothing but outlets for fundraising, pushing an agenda and propaganda for the Left.

Any ruling not only from SCOTUS but lower courts that is not in favor of progressives ideology is always considered an evil act. These people act like spoiled rotten children not getting their way when a court rules against them:

Child/ avg dem: “Can I have that toy?”
Adult: “No, not today.”
Child/ avg dem “[screaming & crying] I HATE YOU, YOUR EVIL”

The courts are meant to interpret law and rule whether a charge or previous decision lies within the boundaries of the Constitution. Judges are not to rule on feelings and political beliefs, they’re not and were never meant to be political activists but that is exactly what Leftists want. If not, as Pelosi demonstrates here they’re committing violence on democracy!

Always with the violent hateful rhetoric. This is the garbage that gets the uninformed uneducated fools out in the streets committing actual violence.

Democrats are beyond dangerous.