Michael Moore: We Have to ‘Put Our Bodies on the Line’ to Stop Trump 📺

Michael Moore appeared on “The Late Show” telling Stephen Colbert he thinks America is a liberal country, calling for Leftists to ‘get off the couch.. rise up’, put their ‘bodies on the line’ to protest Pres Trump.

One minute Jabba Moore says ‘we don’t have to be violent, we have to remain nonviolent’ and then he says people have to be willing to put their ‘bodies on the line’. Well that would mean violent confrontation if you ask, or advocate, for people to put their bodies on the line. This is what liberals do when they lose arguments, they go violent. Trump has NOTHING wrong as POTUS, those who were not on the Trump Train during the primaries but wholeheartedly support him from the general election to date, especially Ted Cruz supporters, would be the first ones to say something if he did.

Liberals like Moore are just upset that POTUS is undoing obama’s executive order driven “legacy”, and enforcing the laws on the books.

This nonsense on the border isn’t his fault, obama, GW Bush, and Billy Clinton created and swept it under the rug. The detention centers, separating children from adults they ILLEGALLY crossed the border with all existed before Trump ever considered running. None of that phases people like Moore, they think Trump is behind all of it, deliberately misleading their uninformed, mindless followers amping them up for physical confrontation.

All this talk of civil war is NOT trivial, the rhetoric is flying from every corner of the Left and they’ve already demonstrated many times they’re prepared to fight. Only problem with that for them, the Right has yet to start dishing out what they’re capable of. God help you Leftists if you really push people on the Right’s button, you got a reckoning coming.