AG Sessions Covers For Rosenstein Over Threatening to Subpoena Lawmakers 📺


Jeff Sessions is clearly hiding something to be covering for Rod Rosenstein who is known to have a temper and has been acting above the law, as if a govt unto himself. Sessions has shown ZERO loyalty towards his former Congressional colleagues who have OVERSIGHT and have been adamant the DOJ/ FBI is stonewalling them at every turn with their document requests in the Russia probe.

Those defending and making excuses for Sessions need to come out of denial at this point. He’s no “sleeper agent” setting the Deep State up to bring them down. After this pathetic appearance with Tucker Carlson it’s now clear Sessions is a card-carrying member of the Deep State. Why? Ask Devin Nunes, Mark Meadows or Jim Jordan about how well the DOJ/ FBI is responding their requests! It’s going so well they’ve drawn up a resolution for the House as a whole to vote on (will go nowhere) to compel the DOJ/ FBI to hand over all the documents they’ve been requesting.

Rosenstein is laughing at them all. If Pres Trump won’t fire him, then Congress must impeach him which we would hope will trigger Sessions resignation.

Keep in mind America the Deputy AG is threatening Congress, who have Constitutional authority in overseeing the Justice Dept. This is a perfect example of an out of control govt truly a Constitutional crisis just like the witch hunt against Pres Trump – Rosenstein orchestrated!

Pres Trump and the American people for that matter will never see Justice until these swamp monsters are removed from power. It’s time to run them out of office, it’s time for pitchforks and torches!