Pres Trump: Mexico is Doing Nothing For Us at the Border 📺

‘Mexico is doing nothing for us except taking our money and sending us drugs, and doing nothing. They could solve this problem in two minutes, you wouldn’t even have to do anything, but they don’t do it they talk a good game, but they don’t do it.’

It’s quite refreshing to hear the President of the US point the finger of blame where it belongs, delivering tough love. Gone are the days of appeasement and apology for simply existing. This site has said many times our problem with illegal aliens crossing the southern border is because Mexico IS NOT out friend.

Mexico has strict immigration laws, stronger than US’, they’ll deport illegals quickly and imprison those who deserve it that break their laws; ie Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi… WHEN they want to enforce it. But since illegals from Central and South America’s destination point is the US they’re not stopped, nor turned away by the Mexican govt when entering and traveling north to the US-Mexican border. What kind of friend allows illegals to violate their immigration laws whose intentions are more or less to invade a neighboring country violating its laws and sovereignty!?

BTW if Mexico is such a great and wonderful nation, as liberals and many American-Mexicans/ Hispanics make known with stickers on cars and/ or clothing they wear “Mexican Pride”, then why are they coming to the US in droves? Why are Central and South Americans NOT setting up camp in Mexico??

Yea, Exactly!

Cut the money off to Mexico, the US will save $100B a year. The money saved there will pay for a nice border wall and provide funding for more security, which in turn will stop illegals from entering.