Fmr DHS Sec Admits to Expanding Illegal Alien Family Detention Under Obama 📺

Here we have exhibit A proving the detention of illegal alien children and families isn’t a new thing. Most conservatives already KNEW under the obama admin children were being kept in OVERCROWDED cages that the media and Left as a whole ignored. The photos going around when this narrative surfaced recently all turned out to be from back in 2014 when Jeh Johnson was running the DHS for obama. Yet somehow Pres Trump is being blamed for everything.

Now Andrea Mitchell chimes in when Johnson says they “got a lot of heat” for expanding family detention… from whom? The media IGNORED this for the most part. There were no satellite trucks parked out in front of detention centers. Glenn Beck stated he more or less begged networks to cover the kids while they all TRASHED him for bringing some toys and food, while sternly calling for the law to be enforced, stop illegals entering the US!

For eight years all we heard was barry soetoro blaming GWB for everything that went wrong during his reign. Trump gets into office now everything obama (and past Presidents) did/ didn’t don are all Trump’s fault. This mess with immigration is everyone who served in Washington DC’s fault since at least the Clinton administration. Progressive republicans and democrats are to blame, especially those ranting how the immigration system is broken. It only appears broken because the people charged with protecting the country choose not to enforce our laws which created the mess.