Clinton Fearmongers Over Kavanaugh’s Nomination 📺

Now America did you really think you wouldn’t hear Hillary Clinton whine about Pres Trump nominating Brett Kavanaugh for SCOTUS? As one expected Clinton was fearmongering attendees at the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) convention over the rights of women, LGBT, workers etc are all under threat over Kavanaugh’s nomination. The unindicted felon complained over the the admin shifting the balance of power and trying to reverse decades of progress by appointing originalists vs judicial activists to SCOTUS. But isn’t that what every single admin has done?! She didn’t seem too upset when obama appointed two hardcore Leftist radicals to the bench, where one had NO judicial experience!

Hillary went so far as to suggest that by nominating Kavanaugh they [Trump admin]“…reverse decades of progress. I used to worry that they wanted to turn the clock back to the 1950’s, now I worry they want to turn it back to the 1850’s.”

The only people taking America back to the 1850’s are the Confederate Democrats who are putting this country on a violent collision course over their vile rhetoric, constant obstruction and calls to harass admin officials, GOP and supporters because these Leftists can’t accept this witch lost the 2016 election.

Like all progressives HRC is a master of language where she stressed for these union members to get active, vote and help the DNC take power back in the coming midterm election. Don’t dismiss her ability to mobilize the Left, these people are out for blood. They have never gotten over losing the majority in the House, Senate and of course the White House.

Hillary and all Leftists are banking on the GOP and conservatives being complacent this November and not coming out to vote. YOU need to get active, assume all GOP candidates are down 10 points, and if the dems win your taxes go up, obamacare will be replaced with single payer, illegal aliens will get amnesty, our enemies will rise, America’s power will be ceded to foreign powers oh and Trump and Pence will be impeached!