Dem Senator “Confused” Not Understanding Illegal Aliens Break The Law (Video)

Behold the new poster child for term limits!

Hawaii voters, Senator Mazie Hirono is the best you could find to represent you in the US Senate?! Hirono epitomizes the outright stupidity or deliberate ignorance the majority of leaders in Congress have on any given issue but especially when it comes to illegal immigration.

This UNITED STATES SENATOR had to have basic common knowledge, that illegal aliens entering the US are breaking the law, explained to her by ICE official Matthew Albence during today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on immigration enforcement !

The social engineering by Leftists, the media and open border activists have been conflating illegal aliens with legal immigrants, calling them immigrants. Anyone not engaged in politics and law on a daily basis could make the mistake and be “confused”, but NOT a US Senator. This woman has no business sitting in the Senate and SHAME on those of you who voted for her.