Senate Majority Ldr Blasts Left’s Decades Old Scare Tactics on SCOTUS Nominees 📺

Senate Majority Ldr Mitch McConnell took to the Senate floor blasting the Left over their decades old scare tactics and fear-mongering over SCOTUS nominees. The hysterics we’re hearing now over Justice Kennedy’s replacement is almost the exact nonsense the Left was using when HE WAS A NOMINEE!

This site is no fan of McConnell’s but when he or anyone on either side of the aisle is right on a major issue they get the props they deserve. The American people who are unaware/ not engaged with politics need to be made aware of these scare tactics Leftists use. They always cry the world is coming to an end every single time something positive is done, yet here we are the apocalypse never happened after tax reform, summit with Kim Jung un, Gorsuch was appointed (nor was Roe v Wade overturned when he took the bench) etc.

Even more comical are the Left’s hysterics that the Constitution is in danger? How so? How can nominating Constitutional originalists put it in danger? It was in danger from 2009-2016, and on the edge with the threat of a Hillary Clinton administration, under Trump the Constitution is secure!

Speaking of Gorsuch and Roe v Wade, did we miss something? Is there a case pending to in fact overturn it? Because it didn’t happen when he was appointed, yet all we’ve been hearing is how the sky will fall with this next appointed. All the democrats seem to care about is abortion, illegal aliens, gun control, raising taxes, silencing dissent, free stuff for everyone… you know the drill all the touchy feely things. Democrats couldn’t careless about a Justice being appointed who will rule per the US Constitution. Hell Justice Ginsburg thinks we should go by the South African Constitution which is loaded with social justice bullshit!

This woman will be still be around with cockroaches after the nukes fall, she should be impeached but don’t hold your breath.

Do not fall for the Left’s bait that the world will come to an end, this is the language they’ve used for 30-40 years to campaign and fund raise off of.