Leftists Harass and Threaten Mitch McConnell, “We Know Where You Live” 📺

“No comfort for fascists … No Justice, No Peace”

While many strong conservatives are no fans of Mitch McConnell, one thing they will agree on is zero tolerance over the now all to common harassment Leftists are carrying out Maxine Waters‘ “ordered” against Trump officials and members of the GOP. This sorry-looking bunch of open border radical Leftists (proud socialists) harassed the Senate Majority Leader, regurgitating the same nonsense we’ve come accustomed, the second time now for McConnell, to about “kids in cages” and abolishing ICE.

While the encounter was pretty tame, a sad display with no enthusiasm on their part, one of the drones did threaten McConnell “we know where you live”, indicating the will to escalate things if they don’t get their way.

Laugh at them, mock them but do not dismiss these closet communists. While this encounter was uneventful for the most part, Leftists have demonstrated over the years how unhinged and violent they are/ can become. This harassment you’re witnessing, again by the orders of Maxine Waters to go after the Right, is most likely all they have left before violence starts up. Everything the Left has thrown out against the GOP and Pres Trump (protests to the witch hunt to impeach) have failed to stop them from acting in America’s best interests. When Leftists lose arguments, have nothing left to say, or are being ignored when the protest they ALWAYS ratchet things up to violence.