Maxine Waters’ Thugs Harass Mitch McConnell and His Wife Transpo Sec Chao ๐Ÿ“บ

Well Auntie Maxine Waters’ message to harass Trump admin officials and republican members of Congress was heard loud and clear. Here we have a group of dirty, stinky, unhinged, radical Leftists harassing the Senate Majority Ldr Mitch McConnell and his wife Transportation Sec Elaine Chao asking why they’re separating illegal alien children from their parents.

None of these radicals cared one iota when their messiah barack obama was separating children from adults. Take note I didn’t say children from parents, we have no idea if the kids who were separated are actually the children of the adults they ILLEGALLY crossed our border with!

HUGE props to Sec Chao for standing up to these radical unhinged thugs. We need more it, not just from other Trump admin officials and members of Congress, but all conservatives and republicans.

What you have here are two things: The first is classic example of bullying be carried out by the people who allegedly champion putting an end to it. The second is this is the escalation this site has been warning about that’s growing at a dangerous accelerated rate. There will be MORE violence, because tensions are at the same level, if not higher, now then they were last year when a Leftist attempted to assassinate members of the GOP during baseball practice in Alexandria, VA.

Maxine Waters needs to be expelled from Congress, an apology isn’t enough because Leftist foot soldiers are acting on her word. Call the Capitol, melt the switchboard down, demanding your representatives, and especially Speaker Ryan, push for her expulsion by citing this video.

We are in the LATE 1850’s whether some of you want to admit it or not. This country is headed toward some sort of civil conflict. The Second Democrat Civil War is most definitely warming up.

Leftists I’d suggest you stop listening to Maxine Waters and your other handlers encouraging this behavior. It’s not going to end well for YOU.